The V1 is a sport motorcycle designed for everyday city use, providing a flexible riding position and a confortable seat allowing any rider to enjoy both city and track.

The V1 also features a smooth direct belt drive, regulable rear suspension, inverted fork front suspension and a 7 inches infotainment system.

The maximum torque is available from the start, providing outstanding acceleration and response.
Also, from an economic perspective, electric vehicles represent a lower monetary expenditure for the user, when compared to conventional transport powered by fossil fuel.

The V1 is equipped with a 7” touch screen device. You can configure you dashboard as you prefer, change the settings of your motorcycle, use the embedded GPS, listen to your music through Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, download your recorded track data to your laptop or publish on social media, record video or capture moments of the track while riding with the 2MP front camera and much more.

Secure Start

The V1 Secure start is guaranteed by a magnetic key, unique to each bike. Once the key is in place, the start button becomes enabled.


The V1 is equipped with an onboard charger, allowing it to be plugged into any regular home outlet, achieving Full Charge in less than 2 hours.

Furthermore, the V1 can be plugged to a VOLTU dedicated Outlet, or a VOQ charger significantly reducing charging times.


INITIO® Digital Propulsion System is the ultimate electric vehicle drive train. Outstanding performance and energy efficiency packed in a reduced volume.
The entire system is water cooled, to ensure optimal running temperatures.


The Proprietary Synchronous motor provides high performance in a very small form factor.

INITIO Energy Module

2,8Kwh energy
Proprietary water cooling
Integrated Battery Management system

Central control unit

Combines state of the art electronic technology and algorithms, with an innovative way of using battery energy for outstanding performance and maximizing battery life.

The V1 merges high tech components with classic materials and craftmanship. The design goal was to combine nostalgic elements of classic combustion motorcycles with the environment-friendly electric drivetrain technology,  where form meets function in a completely different approach.

The result is a naked, clean look,  with minimal fairings covering only necessary parts and providing a dynamic, sporty appeal.


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Design, development and manufacture of motorcycles and digital electronic propulsion system.