Voltu® Motor Inc. is a U.S. corporation registered in the State of Delaware, headquartered in Sunnyvale California.

Revolutionizing the energy market through technology innovation and our business model.

Laser-focused on alterative energy resources and renewables with consumer and industrial applications, we develop our own electric mobility platforms, powertrains and energy management solutions with unique proprietary and patented technology.

Electrify Your Passion for Motor Sports!


Initio® Digital Propulsion is the system at the heart of all Voltu® mobility solutions. It integrates digital electronic control of the motor, liquid-cooled lithium polymer batteries and an advanced charge system. Initio is a fully scalable and “stackable” system allowing a wide range of power and purpose applications. All Voltu® powered electric vehicles and industrial applications are built around the Initio® system.

Initio® control and drive train technology is flexible by design, with applications suitable for:

  • Transport vehicles – motorcycles, cars, bicycles, trucks and buses
  • Recreational vehicles – UTV's, nautical and aeronautic transport
  • Industrial machines – air and hydro energy generation, robotics
INITIO - Voltumotor


Motu-X® is the rolling test and development platform for Initio® application in motorcycles that are “Powered by Voltu®.” The current Motu-X® features the Initio® liquid cooled batteries and on-board bi-directional inverter fast charging system that delivers industry leading motor output horsepower and driving range.

Final testing/homologation phase

MOTU-X electric motorcyle - Voltumotor


In adition to our proprietary personal mobility platform Voltu® has an advanced battery storage and energy management division for industrial and residential use.


We meet all applicable requirements through our daily activities and the constant improvement of our Quality Management System.

At Voltu we consider all of our electric motor enthusiasts as part of our extended family. Each of our engineers, designers and commercial staff is laser focused on the continuous innovation and improvement of our products, from the moment of conception of a power train to the final assembly of an electric vehicle or energy management system.

Our relentless emphasis is on efficiency and quality. Meeting and surpassing all relevant industry standards and applicable requirements is achieved by our Quality Management System, the constant improvement process within each of our R&D, manufacturing, sourcing and assembly process teams. We hope that our best practice will become best practice in the sector at large.

Our goal is to perfect our products and services and offer enthusiasts the best electric sport vehicles, powertrains and energy management solutions in the world of motor sports and power generation.