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"The world is switching from combustion to electricity, a cleaner and easy-to-use energy source. This includes everyday use, industry and transportation. A technology that can make the transition easier and faster is a must. A technology that can live inside every application where electric energy needs to be deployed, stored or put into motion".

Guillermo Gebhart - Voltu's CEO

  • Personal Block
  • Home Block
  • Industry Block
  • Mobile Block

HOME BLOCK Voltu® 14kWh & 7kWh

Best suited for small companies, commercial offices and medium size houses between 100 m2 to 400 m2. As part of an energy Grid system, or just backup.


Suited for industries and big houses above 400 m2. The units can function alone or in parallel for bigger needs, increasing storage capacity and power. As part of an energy Grid system, or just backup, this is the final energy management solution.


Best suited for personal use. Perfect backup for basic needs. Keep the fridge and some lights for a couple of hours.


Motu-X® is the rolling test and development platform for Initio® application in motorcycles that are Powered by Voltu®. The current Motu-X® features the Initio® liquid cooled batteries and on-board bi-directional inverter fast charging system that delivers industry leading motor output horsepower and driving range.

Final testing/homologation phase


Manage your power consumption to suit personal needs and lifestyle objectives. Our proprietary power management system is controlled via smartphone or device, allowing users to manage energy consumption and save money over time.

Calculate your consumption and see which block fits you best



Our INITIO Technology gives us the flexibility we need to produce high performance Energy Blocks (energy storage and management devices) and Powertrains.

We designed our modules to be shared between our powertrains and energy blocks. Changing the layout and number of modules gives us a large variety of products.

  • Transport vehicles motorcycles, cars, bicycles, trucks and buses
  • Industrial machines air and hydro energy generation, robotics
  • Recreational vehicles UTV's, nautical and aeronautic transport

28 kWh

Suited for industries and big houses

Installing our brand new 28kWh block in Misiones health truck.

Now the truck has the capacity to operate for an entire day allowing it to provide healthcare services to isolated communities all around Misiones.


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